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The Sophisticated technology & greatest professionalism of our team has enabled N.D. Dimonds to achive excellent results, which have become evident in a product recogniged, characterized by high quality standards & remarkable attention to design & aesthetics, the resulting jewel, meets both a classical , very refined taste & also a modern, trendy & fashionable taste.


Extreme care for details & careful selection of materials are the points where our products start from. Our jewels reveal their value in the perfect combition of gold & precious stones. We only use high quality products & carry out all our production phases in house, this means that all of the manufacturing takes place under our direct control, guaranteeing consistently excellent quality.


N.D.Diamond’s highly skilled, multilingual, worldwide team of IGI Graduate Gemologists and Diamond Graduates can help ensure the workmanship, construction, color, cut, and purity of your products meet your quality specifications, and delight your customers.We conducts independent onsite in-process and final inspections at thousands of facilities each year, from factories and warehouses to stores and distribution centers across the globe. We provide a level of detail that informs and enables brand managers, compliance officers and QA specialists to make decisions that directly impact brand credibility and product marketability.